Posted: October 3, 2012 in Urban Art Rant

This is not like my work as I do not use paints nor cans however this is the sort of thing which I would aspire to

I found these people when I lost my heart in Berlin but when I heard of them it was in hushed tones and almost whispers of the great things they did

A Door

Posted: October 3, 2012 in Urban Art Rant

A door is a movable structure which is used to open and close an entrance, as individuals we are all aware of that concept and we take it for granted, simply put, a door is a door is a door. What if that door does not open to you or allow you to enter through the passage, what is it then?

As I walk along the streets, head filled with music, I often spy these boarded up buildings with those offensive metal barriers covering the doors and windows and I do not care for this much. Surely, if a building is in plain sight then does not the aesthetic beauty of the building not belong to everyone and by placing those metal shutters does that not ruin it for everyone in turn?

My mission, my drive is to make things look pretty, buildings and urban spaces in this case. With stickers, with flowers, with paint and with people I shall take back the beauty for everyone although beauty by it’s nature is subjective but my project, like all my art is regarding the reclaiming of public space